Why should you use the Tombo?

The TOMBO was invented in the United States in 2015

The TOMBO was invented in the United States in 2015. The TOMBO was invented in the United States five years ago. Inspired Motion was established to localize and distribute and accessorize the TOMBO for the Japanese and Korean market. Inspired Motion LLC was established by Ross Purdie on May 2016 for the sales and development of the TOMBO in Japan. Inspired Motion LLC owns the exclusive right to sell the TOMBO in Japan and South Korea.

In Japan we have seen strong demand from professionals who sit for long periods during the day. Such demand comes from doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, brokerage and finance specialists, as well as clinics, educational institutions, e-sports professionals, general office workers and the elderly. We own the exclusive right to manufacture and sell the TOMBO for Japan and South Korea . Ross Purdie has been affiliated with some of the largest of financial institutions in Japan and Asia, working as an institutional broker and subsequently fund manager for the last 35 years.

Inspired Motion LLC aims to help you by delivering “improving production efficiency and fun” to your daily desk work. The TOMBO, which was launched in Japan in 2016, is an innovative product that incorporates the concept that a bit of change can offer large benefits.

Japanese people who sit for the longest period of time among developed economies, are acutely aware of the health risks of a sedentary work environment. The Tombo has been attracting worldwide attention since prolonged “sitting” increases the risk of developing diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. According to a survey of 220,000 people conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia, those who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a 40% increased risk of an early death. The average daily sitting time for Japanese adults is 8-9 hours on average, which is the longest among the top 20 developed countries. The reality is that it is not easy to change the life centered on sitting at work or school, but if you have the TOMBO, you may be able to avoid the risk of illness due to such sedentary behavior.

It is natural for human beings to keep “moving” and moving is essential for maintaining health. When using the TOMBO, you can “walk while sitting”. By moving your feet unconsciously, the blood flow of the whole body is improved, and oxygen reaches the brain to improve concentration. In other words, with the Tombo you can expect to improve productive efficiency while maintaining health. In the US, the TOMBO has been adopted by corporations such as call centers, IT, advertising agencies and finance. It can be used by anyone who sits in a chair regardless of one’s age. The TOMBO supports One’s healthy, on a daily basis. Over 45,000 TOMBOs have been sold worldwide in 95 countries since introduction.

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Impact of using the Tombo and
activity tracker at work

  • Maintain health and vigor while working.
  • Keep attention span high throughout the day.
  • Allow the employee to focus, which results in higher productivity.
  • Our new activity tracker monitors your movements, calculates your METs and caloric burn all day. Should you wish to participate, you may offer this data to incentivized health insurance programs which will earn you substantial discounts on insurance policies, and product purchases.
  • Use activity tracker smart phone application as a gauge to improve one’s health on a daily basis.
  • Raises overall awareness of health.
  • According to employee’s preference, allow the individual to opt in for participation of insurance benefits programs such as Sumitomo Vitality, Met Life, Sompo Japan Nipponkoa benefit programs.
  • Tombo-mouse -augments the mouse, incentivizes healthy movement at the desk.

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