Our Product

The Tombo is the world’s first NEAT™ certified health care device for the desk, enabling one to burn 20% more calories when sitting and working. Tombo has been proven by tests at University of Illinois to improve blood circulation and cognitive focus. We also will introduce a highly accurate activity tracker (Bluetooth connected sensor) which will pair with a smart phone application. The world famous Mayo Clinic, and the University of Illinois have both substantially published on Tombo’s effectiveness in medical journals.

The Tombo Stand

When you can't support the Tombo via the Under Mount, the Tombo stand remains your best option. Made from 16 millimeter carbon steel, the stand (including foot pad) weighs merely 2.8 kilograms. Dimensions: Height 43 cm, Width 53 cm, Depth 50 cm. This stand can easily fit under most desk in Japan and Asia. The bottom of the stand is affixed with super grip tape which keeps it stable when moving on any slick surface.

The Tombo Under Mount

The Tombo Under Mount is to be affixed directly in the bottom of a strong, and preferably thick wooden desk. Due to the fact we must use wood screws to attach to the bottom of a desk, we recommend a fairly robust desk, or table of at least 1 cm in thickness. When using either the stand or the under mount, we realize that no more than 30 kilograms would ever be placed on the Tombo footpad. Our Under Mount, and HELSK TM (patent pending) will give you the best Tombo experience as you can use your legs will be able to move as freely as possible given the longer length of the strap.

Activity Tracker App

Get the tracking, data, motivation and guidance you need to improve all in one place.
  • Steps

    When you complete a cycle of any of the 4 basic steps (forwards & backwards, left & right, circular motion called “helicopter”, or the marching motion) the sensor will add 1 step to your total count. The Tombo will keep track of your total sum of Tombo based steps, and actual steps (counted by your smart phone) daily.

  • Calories

    Based on your weight, the number of calories consumed will be calculated based on how long you used the Tombo times the ratio of METs (metabolic equivalent of task). METs for Tombo come to 1.4. Therefore a 70kg person will burn 1.4 x 3.5 x 75/200 = 103calories/ hour. This compares to caloric burn at rest of just 79 calories. Basically using the Tombo increases caloric burn by 20%.

  • K / M


    The Tombo application calculates the amount of Kilometers (or miles) you have virtually walked on the Tombo on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. When you achieve new milestones on an increase in activity, you’ll be notified.

  • Challenges

    We will gift you with Tombo Points when you achieve your fitness goals on a continuous basis. We affiliate ourselves with insurance incentive programs where you may benefit according to the amount of activity which you have achieved. Your Tombo points can be redeemed for food, goods and free drinks at participating vendors.

Health + Desk = HELSK

The combination of a Tombo and an office desk (made by ITOKI). It sands for HEALTH + DESK.

Our cutting edge product, HELSK is a collaboration with one of Japan’s largest desk makers, and Inspired Motion (owner of the Tombo in Japan & South Korea). Employers are cognizant of the need to encourage their employees to constantly move throughout the day. The Tombo’s most wonderful attribute is that it is silent, easy to use, and exceedingly easy to work while using it in fact when one works at the desk, it seems to help you get things done, as it causes you to remain active, which ultimately refreshes you. Our customers include lawyers, IT specialists, financial specialists, clinicians, hospitals, and many professionals who sit for long hours. We look forward to providing a solution to your corporate needs.