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Frequently Asked Questions

For many people using the Tombo at their desk can make an immediate positive impact. For others it may take time to adjust. If one is physically fit, and used to balancing, those people will acclimate to using it quickly. The positive natural impact of the Tombo’s unstable foot pads, combined with the ability to rotate ones feet and move left to right, backward and forward and in a circular motion makes it easy to acclimate to this new unstable environment. The point is that your body and legs are doing the balancing, while expending NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) energy.

Since the Tombo causes an increase in blood circulation, it’s unlikely that it will increase pain. In fact, we have had no complaints about it. Those in pain should consult their doctor before using the Tombo, but we have had generally positive results.

We have sold over 45,000 Tombo’s in 95 different countries since inception (2016). In our history, we have not had one unit break, and in Japan out of 3,000 units shipped only one has been returned (claiming it was an order mistake). We feel confident with the quality we offer here that our product will not disappoint you.

It’s natural to have a little pain once you use muscles which you haven’t used for a while. It may take some time to get used to using the Tombo, but we think within a week of dedicated usage, you will be happy with the result. The longer you use the Tombo the better you will be at using it. You will be surprised at how the small muscles around your feet and ankle become stronger. Your knees will also feel lighter after a few hours of use as blood circulation increases over them. We have testimonials from medical physicians who have suffered from deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

When working at the desk, or sitting in the living room the Tombo Application TM will count your steps , METs, calories burned and total equivalent distance traveled on the day. Using the Tombo equates to a caloric burn of 20% more than without. Studies conducted at University of Illinois, Mayo Clinic and Tokai University (Japan) conclude that use of the Tombo vastly increases ones blood circulation.

We have prepared 200 virtual walks from all over the world for you to explore and enjoy all at the convince of your desk.